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Fine and worn hair has a solution

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Re-create the pristine beauty of your hair with a treatment that lasts and lasts like never before

Until now...treatments for damaged hair have always had temporary results, washing out over time. PRO|FIBER is the first ever long lasting hair repair programme, with the revolutionary APTYL 100 Molecular Complex, leaving your hair feeling like it has never been damaged.

Does your hair exhibits the following symptoms?

  • Thinned by damage

  • Brittle

  • Broken

  • Chemically treated

Now you have a solution for both fine and worn hair, the result of wear out from repeated chemical, mechanical and/or environmental damage. The first of it's kind, never specifically addressed before.

You can expect:

  • Treats Damage

  • Strengthens

  • Thickens

  • Softens

  • Shines

You can get up to six weeks of repair and enhancement making fine or plain worn hair behave like new.

The treatment starts with a salon procedure that repairs and enhances your hair, you follow at home with recommended products in a routine tailored to match your unique needs.

Designed for hair thinned by damage. The PRO FIBER RE-CREATE range produces a long-lasting effect of thickening & strengthening of the hair fiber. PRO FIBER RE-CREATE leaves the hair feeling healthier and shinier.

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