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My name is Bond, Smart Bond

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

A L'Oréal first, Smartbond protects hair bonds while durably strengthening its fibers during technical service.

During a single process hair coloring the superficial layer of your hair, called cuticle swells and opens like the petals of a flower rendering it susceptible to damage and bonds in the double helix can be broken. the hair fiber is sensitized.

With smart bond the result is a stronger more unified fiber, bonds are protected and strengthened.

These color images obtained under a highly sophisticated microscope illustrate what happens at the site in between the double helix of your hair protein fiber and the second one shows you how Smartbond protects the integrity of the hair bonds leaving them virtually intact.

This is just one of the many practical applications of Smartbond as it is a very useful tool for the professional to deliver top performance even under situations that are quite precarious and gives the client the results she expects from the desired coloring service.

Who can use this? everyone, everyone can benefit from Smartbond in any hair coloring service and enjoy stronger suppler, smoother, fuller hair too.

Please feel free to ask me about this unprecedented breakthrough in hair protection.

You can reach me at 561-842-7300 or e-mail me at I will gladly answer any questions.

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