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Trust Leonardo, A PROFIBER Expert Certified Salon, Your Go-To Expert on Damaged Hair.

Reveal Long Lasting Beauty, because true hair repair is one that lasts

Did you know?, most of the beneficial effects of a good hair treatment are lost in the first shampoo.

L'Oréal Research Laboratories have developed APTYL 100, the first-ever technology capable of long-lasting repair of the hair fiber, the result of 15 years of research, with 15 patents pending.

The APTYL 100 complex can be reactivated for up to 4 washes and recharged at home for up to 6 weeks.

APTYL 100 delivers unprecedented results in 3 easy steps: instant in-salon regeneration, at-home reactivation for up to 4 shampoos, and extended results for up to 6 weeks with the RE-CHARGE treatment.

PROFIBER is a revolutionary long-lasting haircare system for all levels of damage. Your hair is repaired in-salon with a prescribed treatment. The in-salon treatment is reactivated at home with the appropriate ProFiber range for the assessed level of damage. You Prolong the treatment at home for up to 6 week with RE-CHARGE, a replenishing booster. Your life is beautiful again.