What's the best color for me?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016



Choosing a hair color and shade, starts with your professional colorist help to achieve the perfect blend for you, because finding the most suitable hair color is always priority one.

A consultation is essential to ensure your new color suits you, your colorist considers essential elements that makes the look personal


1) Your complexion

The color of your skin tone is actually one of the most important aspects of choosing the perfect hair color. The correct color will compliment your skin and make it appear even more beautiful, while the wrong color might make your skin look dull and dreary.

2) Your eyes

To really enhance and intensify your eye color your colorist might opt for a contrasting color. For instance - if your eyes are blue, a caramel or golden blonde tone will make them appear even bluer. If they are green, a fiery or soft red tone could be the perfect color for you.


3) Personal style

Once the hair color has been narrowed down to suit your complexion and eye color, your personal style should be considered - and this is where you know best. Do you want to be noticed, or blend in? Do you need to be more daring, or does your outfit say enough? Make sure the shades you and your colorist choose is one that will make you feel confident and yourself.

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