Can You Have Balayage on Your Naturally Curly Hair

Friday, September 7, 2018


Yes, the right technique will give your natural curls a sun-kissed dimension.

Highlights aren't just for women with straight hair, your curly hair is just as suitable if not more unique.  The process is a little different, but balayage on curly hair will create a look that's equally as gorgeous. Learn what this technique is, pick tips for caring for your balayage curly hair, read on to learn how to achieve balayage on curly hair, maintain your new sun-kissed color, and how you can keep keep your color looking its best.


How to Achieve Balayage on Curly Hair

"Like babylights and foiled highlights on straight and wavy hair, balayage on curly hair helps to add dimension and texture to your hair,"  "This creates gorgeous highs and lows and looks almost beach-like and naturally sun-kissed,". While the result is as stunning, the technique is a little different. It calls for saturating the chemical through the curl," 

The methodology of application is the same for curly hair, color is applied with a free-hand painting technique. This ensures that the highlights look naturally sun-kissed, accentuate movement and definition, and transition over time without an obvious line of demarcation. A free-hand technique permits obtaining a tailored color fit just for your type of curl.


How to  Take Care of  Balayage Curly Hair

Keeping your balayage hair color and maintaining  your curly hair healthy is about following the right professional recommendation.  Highlights like any chemical have a toll on curly hair, shampoo with professional products formulated for color-treated hair –Your beauty professional can make the proper recommendation.


Curly Balayage  Pro  Tricks and   Dont's

Use leave-in products designed for curly hair I have seen professionals recommend using a mask and leaving it on, in one word? "don't",  mask and any product that is designed to be rinsed out contains softening agents added by the manufacturer to achieve softness in thew hair but the tradeoff is if you leave it on longer you end up damaging the hair. You need the hair to be plump, nourished and the cuticle sealed to achieve a hygroscopic balance, in other words, not too much not too little moisture to optimize looks and performance. The hair should be soft to the touch and the texture smooth and pliable while retaining the natural curl formation.

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