Why I refuse to use hair straighteners

Monday, July 22, 2019


The hardest thing for a hairdresser to do is say no to a client's service request, we aim to please, but when beauty stands between you and your wellbeing I draw a clear line, sadly some of you are so determined to have a certain service at any cost and choose to be blind to the consequences.


Brands That Hide Formaldehyde


The Chemical NameGame

EWG: The Environmental Working Group has investigated 16 companies that make hair straightening products with high formaldehyde content. All exceed safety limits set by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review, an industry safety panel. Which hair straightener has come out clean about their formaldehyde content? None, in EWG review,15 of 16 brands admit to little to no formaldehyde. Tests show their products contain substantial amounts. Companies whose claims and tests do not match include Brazilian Blowout, Keratin Express, KeraGreen, Tahe and R&L. The 16th company, Goleshlee, admits on its website that its product contains formaldehyde but omits the toxic chemical from its online ingredient list.I speak to clients and professionals alike, tap or click the image above to learn much more.


I urge you to take a look at this link as it will be an eye opener to those of you who think of having hair straightening done, click on the image about to get your facts straight.

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