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You would love a certain look, but are afraid of doing hair color? No worries!, now there's SmartBond, Master Hair Colorist / stylist Leonardo can help.

Must have: SMARTBOND is no mere hair treatment, it's our new protective, strengthening in salon procedure, specifically designed to enhance and protect your hair during any hair coloring service.

What can you expect from SmartBond? Protected, strengthened hair fiber, nourished, smooth to the touch hair.

RESULTS: Reinforced - More resistant - Softer - Shinier Hair

What kind of hair can benefit from SmartBond? 

HAIR TYPE: Damaged Hair - Sensitized Hair - Dull hair - Colored - Highlighted - Bleached

Smartbond specialist-NPB.jpg

Step 1 Additive works in two ways: (1) it has an acidic pH that helps protect strong bonds from oxidation and breakage: (2) it features Maleic Acid, which acts as a magnet to attract and then remove ions from lighteners that interfere with weak bonds.


Step 2 Pre Shampoo helps restore weak bonds and brings additional care, smoothness, and shine to the hair.


Step 3 Post Shampoo Its Silicon-free formula with ceramide, nourishes and protects the hair. After an in-salon Smartbond service your hair feels moisturized, softer, plump, with optimal shine and renewed smoothness.


As you can see on the annexed color images hair not treated with SMARTBOND becomes damaged and sometimes broken severing sulphur bonds in the double helix chain of protein, while the image on the right shows how the hair remains protected and strengthened during chemical services, the hair fiber is more unified, no loss of sulphur links.

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