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Ask a Balayage expert colorist: Is Balayage highlights for you? 


Leonardo is a Balayage specialist:

Leonardo is a Balayage specialist who delivers highly personalized, hand painted highlights without the high maintenance and large time commitment. 


How it's done?: I work by selecting strands picked for artistically placed effect in a random pattern, resulting in incredibly natural hair color that gradually, naturally fades to light from roots to ends. This is great because it lets you go longer between color applications and touch ups while wearing a wonderfully natural look. As your highlights grow out, darker roots are not distractingly obvious, allowing you to save while looking amazing!

What is it?:  Balayage is a hair coloring technique created to achieve natural looking sun kissed highlights, a much more sophisticated, free flowing, creative alternative to the rather mechanical foil highlighting of old, it is the action of sweeping or painting hair color on the hair to don depth and dimension.


It takes a Balayage professional years of perfecting the art using freehand artistic haircolor techniques to accomplish natural looking results. Leonardo's unique approach combines Balayage highlights, when applicable, with L'Oréal Professionnel INOA ammonia-free haircolor formulas for healthier, more sustainable effects.

Should you get Balayage?: Balayage is for almost everyone, every hair texture, hair color shade, length and density. What makes the Balayage technique unique is its ability to create visual balance in the hair, leaving just enough depth and lightness. Placed with the expertise and practice of a balayage certified professional, balayage can render volume where someone doesn’t have it, density where you may need it, or an illusion of length when highlights are perfectly painted on.

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