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Master hair colorist / stylist Leonardo is proud of his intimate connection with L'Oréal, a relationship spanning nearly four decades. 

Their products are the indispensable elements to bring all of his creations to fruition, and next to their unsurpassed performance, product safety is his top reason for using L'Oréal Professionnel at the studio.

In 1909 Eugene Schueller created the « Société des Teintures Inoffensive » in English this translates to: "the Society of Inoffensive Hair Dyes" it was later to become L'Oréal. Since then, the group has continuously invested in the evaluation of the safety of its products and the ingredients from which they are made. Through its constant scientific commitment, L'Oréal has contributed to progress in knowledge about toxicology*. Today, thanks especially to predictive evaluation to which the group has dedicated an ultramodern global center in 2011 in Lyon France, the teams can make very early and reliable predictions on the undesirable and beneficial effects of ingredients and products.

* the study of harmful effects of substances on an organism

Thanks to predictive evaluation, L’Oréal researchers can scientifically determine the new products and their ingredients are harmless and effective

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