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More than a men's hair salon you want a personal men's hair stylist. A  L'Oréal trained expert colorist - hairstylist Leonardo personally attends to your every hair need consistently delivering the haircut you want, and the hairstyle that suits you best, Get the very best tailored hair cuts, clipper cuts, hair coloring and hair styles, each look individually created for you: from modern to classic haircuts using techniques like fade, undercut, hair sculpting, razor cuts, looks like the Shag, Pompadour, Whitewall, among others, and more. 

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Mature man hairstyles, Leonardo Studio,
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Is your hair thick, thinning, straight, curly? Decades long professional experience and a loyal following guarantee you've found the right men hairstylist.  "I will shape your hair to enhance your appearance, making the most of what you have, matching your personal needs for an effortless, handsome, no fuss tailored look"

Contemplating men hair coloring? Natural hair coloring evolves with age, it's not mere camouflaging, it's your identity. A successful hair color must address your intrinsic features and its application must be specifically suited to you, like shade, tonal value, durability, suitability, among other things.

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