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Amazing hair color starts here, with expert hair colorist Leonardo unmatched reliable performance.

Leonardo is a hair color expert, skilled in every aspect of hair coloring, from the latest hair color techniques,an INOA hair color specialist with the honor of being chosen a decade ago as among the very first in the nation to introduce the L'Oréal INOA ammonia free line of colorants among a select group in America. His rich experience in hair color correction earned him the credit among his clients as a dedicated professional who clearly knows what looks good on you, and is able to see you through the transformation for outstanding results,  "I will get the job done right where others fail but equally important will steer you clear out of trouble when a service is not warranted or the risk outweighs the outcome".

Leonardo is a L'Oréal Professionnel Trained hair color expert with decades of experience, recognized by L'Oréal as having reached the highest professional standards in hair coloring, Certified as a L'Oréal World Class Hair Color Salon.

Furthermore Leonardo has the unmatched skill, sensibility and knowhow to bring your hair color back to life. In simple terms, if you want it done right he is the one to see.

"I will not compromise the integrity of your hair, nor allow you to embark in unattainable or fanciful hopes or schemes. When you hire me to work on your hair expect trustworthy performance and reliable advise."

I'm a private hair stylist who works directly with each client, you will not be handed over to apprentices, associates, understudies or trainees, you have my undivided attention from beginning to end.

I take the time to learn about your concerns, make observations of your hair needs,current situation and follow through with the proper products and recommendations to maintain the results at home.


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