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Leonardo Excels At Expert Color Correction

Color gone wrong calls for a hair-color correction expert with experience, skill, dedication and sensitivity to fix your color problem successfully.


" I totally understand your frustration, and take hair coloring seriously, this is why I personally listen to you first, assess your unique situation, and then personally perform the service to make it right " During your consultation I run tests in an instrument calibrated to evaluate strength, elasticity and general integrity of human hair prior to embarking in any potential corrective services.


Officially recognized by L'Oréal as having reached the highest standards in the art of hair coloring, and awarded certification as a L'Oréal World Class Hair Color Salon, Leonardo has what it takes to correct your hair color dilemmas with self confidence and assurance, especially when in a demanding situation.


" Let's get you back on track, give me a call now, I'm looking forward to meeting you and work out an attractive solution."

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