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Metal Detox

Hair Color performance is tested

Color, Balayage, and lightening services have the potential of damaging your hair when not handled properly.


Most people don't know metals inside the hair fiber can interfere with the chemical service performed, among these metals the most dangerous is copper, it forms clusters inside the hair fiber and it can infiltrate it binding to the protein structures.

When chemicals penetrate the hair and come in contact with copper micro explosions occur that cause breakage affecting the performance of your color, and true tonal value, producing uneven coverage, compromising how long your hair color lasts, and your hair's integrity.

​Well water, hard water, pool water, antiquated water infrastructures both at home and in the city are some of the ways copper and other metals find their way into your hair.

L'Oréal laboratories invested seven years of research, performed 100,000 in vivo tests, 102 instrumental tests, over 2000 strands of hair were analyzed, a correlation of high levels of metals and breakage was established, this led to the creation of the first map of metal concentrations above normal around the world.

To arrive at a sensible solution that would dislodge the metals while maintaining the integrity of your hair L’Oréal had to find a molecule small enough to penetrate the hair and block the interaction of coloring chemicals with copper, while not compromising performance, the answer was found in nature in a substance naturally present in some plants: glycoamine.​

After repeated tests for hair breakage and color reliability L'Oréal achieved a system that successfully removes metals from the hair thanks to this highly concentrated active molecule, keeping them out with 87% less hair breakage risk when implementing Metal Detox complete routine.

-Metal Detox guarantees optimal color performance with visible, reliable color results, true to tone, clarity and shine after the first application, in fact existing previous lightening services already present in the hair appear fresher, brighter, and best of all it prevents metal particles from coming back.

Now thanks to L'Oréal and its 9 patents protected innovation, Professionals will have a diagnostic tool to asses the level of metal present in hair to measure the level of risk based on hair fiber quality, porosity, water quality, history of processes customers have undergone in the past.

Glycoamine can neutralize minerals too, but minerals are not necessarily dangerous to the hair.

The in salon procedure can be used on all hair types inclusively benefiting natural hair where the hair is dull, lifeless, unresponsive to styling.

Available starting May 2021 in Europe, it will make its debut in the United States in  July of this year. Visit this site often in anticipation of the arrival of this indispensable, true innovation that will change forever how chemical services on hair are performed and become a real defendant of your hair beauty.

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