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How to accessorize your hair

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Easy ways to enhance your look!

While gorgeous cascading curls and bouncy blowouts don't need much to make them look extra chic, during the summer months, taking the time to add waves or blow dry your hair is a daunting task. This is why the steamy season is perfect for embellishing simple hairstyles with a little something special. From clip-in barrettes to headbands to a well-placed braid, allow me to show you four chic ways to accessorize your hairstyle this summer.


Long waves are a go-to in the summer months. They are effortless and instantly evoke your inner mermaid. Take that sea goddess vibe one step further by adding a few ocean-inspired clips to your hair. Seashell embellished bobby pins make a subtle statement perfect for both a day at the office or drinks with friends. After spraying a beach waves spray through your strands, twist back the face framing layers of your hair and secure into a half-up style. Embellish the twists with a few fun bobby pins!

Headbands for the Win

The quickest way to add an accessory to your hairstyle-whether you wear your hair up or down, curly or straight, long or short? Headbands. These schoolyard go-tos have officially made their comeback, showing up on A-listers and runways alike. Not sure how to style this accessory to make it look grown up and not grammar school? make a stop by my studio and I will show you how.

A Bun + Barrette

A simple pulled back bun is a must on especially humid days when you have to get your hair off your neck and shoulders. Whether you wear your bun tight and polished or a little messy, adding a metallic barrette just under the bun adds an unexpected element to the look, taking it from simple to sophisticated in a snap...literally. Don't forget a little hairspray goes a long way with a bun on a hot, humid day!

A Little Texture

Not all accessories need be bought, case in point: braids. Braids are an easy way to add instant texture to your style, and braided parts are one of our favorite ways to tame an unruly mane on a day when the humidity is high and your frizz is large and in charge. You can braid your hair back wherever you'd typically part your hair and then tie it back into a ponytail or bun or allow it to flow effortless in its natural texture. Use a little styling dust to give your hair a little grip, this will help the braid hold from morning to night.

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