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The right blonde for you

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

One shade shines more popular than any other for women wanting hair color.

Depending on the results you are looking for, the choices are many. From cool to warm tones, sun kissed to platinum blonde. Blonde works at any age, and in most cases advances in hair products makes it possible to render your hair as blonde as you want to be.

The real question is how willing are you to maintain your look consistently, the further you move from your natural color, the more dramatic the transformation, the more maintenance is involved in keeping it, this goes for in and out of the salon.

In fair warning you should know that once you've waken your inner blonde and let the genie out of the bottle there's no putting it back in. Part a psychological phenomena, part peer pressure, you will no longer relate to your natural color, neither will others who know you be able to picture you in a darker color again.

Blonde seems to have a deep irreversible effect on your man, he doesn't have a clue whats involved in the transformation, and don't expect any sympathy from him as far as what it takes to achieve this magic, the thought never entered his mind, but he cannot conceive seeing you any other way, like the proverbial chick just hatched out of the egg he will forever see you in the same "light", that image is burnished forever in his psyche.

No doubt, with the right shade of blonde you'll be turning heads with looks of amazement and admiration, let's just say that "you will stop traffic on a dull day". You can go for a flawless icy tone thanks to Ice Cool Blonde by L’Oréal Professionnel; or a softer and more classical look with the Majirel & INOA wide range of warm and cool tones. Want to make your color unique? Ask your colorist to create a perfect customized blonde color just for you by adding layers, highlights and lowlights to suit your complexion perfectly.

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