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Men Styling, what to look for

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

A good professional hair designer will start with a proper look at you, he will listen, asses your personal needs then tailor your look to match your personal lifestyle while optimizing your hair performance, he will consider the type of hair you have, rendering it fit for your daily routine while looking good on your time off.

You don't want to look like everybody else. A man hairstyle should not be about the latest and greatest current trend, the cut instead should reflect your individuality. The novelty of a trendy new look soon wears off, your stylist will inform you and suggest changes as these will arise over time, progressively evolving your look to something ever more personal just as it changes over time.

Who do you think you are?

Really now, I am not being confronting, just encouraging you to take a good look, pointing you towards the mirror when nobody is looking and decide, picture yourself in the things you enjoy doing most as well as the demands of your daily life, what are you likely to do in your time off? Your hair professional will then take all this elements together and come up with an attractive, sensible solution.

Surprisingly, we are the least objective when confronted with our own self, before our reflection, sometimes it pays off to take some selfies or have a trusted friend who brings the best in your attitude and have at it with some unassuming shots, "throw them in a drawer' and revisit them in a month or a few weeks, what will surprise you is how different your perspective will be about photos of yourself later, feeling more relaxed, less critical of the view of who you are. The mirror does not work the same way, the mind filters and makes opinions about what it sees before it and what is there and who you are may not agree, in that aspect photos are far more objective.

Parting words,

Have a well informed opinion about who you are without looking "affected" or overly conscious of how you look, in simple words, don't take yourself too seriously, ultimately what comes through to others is who you naturally project from the inside and that cannot be faked.

At birth you were bestowed the gift of a unique identity, over time you discover, become aware and own who you are and that is what you project it.

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