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Never show gray again.

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Over the counter hair root camouflage products are a dime a dozen and they only make matters worse, they can be messy, inaccurate, troublesome at the time of salon visit. Allow me to introduce you to a little secret regularly used in backstages and movie sets, call it a "secret weapon" easily concealed in your hand or traveling bag. You will never be caught off guard again.

You need a product for in between salon visits that does not leave behind invisible residue that can mess up with your colorist performance, leading to poor coverage of your roots later on. The formula must be a perfect color match, quick to apply, quick to dry, non-staining.

Only your hair coloring professional is prepared to successfully pick the right shade addressing proper selection, application and seamless blending, he can show you some easy quick tricks to get professional results at home and on the go.

Instant Root Fix HAIR touch up is the solution to your problem.

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