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Metal Detox. Why it matters to you

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

For many decades hair professionals in the know have suspected that the presence of heavy metals has detrimental consequences on the hair when treating it with colorants, lighteners or various chemicals. The solutions we had at the time were poor as they only removed these offending agents from the surface of the hair and not the inside while leading to progressive damage in an attempt to remove the heavy metals.

Now finally after 7 years of intensive research in collaboration with Ioannina University in Greece, L'Oréal definitely proved that it is metal deposited inside the hair fiber that causes breakage and unreliable color results during color, Balayage and lightening services.

Metal hair levels vary, depending on the water quality where we live and on hair porosity. Wash after wash, metal particles accumulate inside the hair fiber. The more porous the fiber, the greater this accumulation is, since the fiber behaves like a sponge.

Metal inside the fiber is dangerous when it gets in contact with the oxidant.

Even the safest color, Balayage and lightening formulas need oxidant to work.

In contact with the oxidant, metal INSIDE the fiber (like copper) result in chemical reactions that can lead to breakage and unreliable color result.

Since 2013, L'Oréal Research team has worked in collaboration with the University of Ioannina's department of physics laboratory, their lab specializes in an analytical method called EPR that enables the tracking of nasty reagents leading to breakage and affected color result when metal like copper is present at a high level in hair. At their laboratory they are experts in biomimicry and analytical techniques. They have developed methods that allowed us to identify the mechanism responsible for hair breakage during color, Balayage and lightening services: metal excess inside the fiber. From this knowledge and understanding, we were able to identify a breakthrough solution.”

At excessive levels of metal in hair, 30ppm or above, there is a risk during color, balayage and lightening services.

L'Oréal is responsible for creating the first world map plotting the concentrations of copper by percentage across the world offering for the first time a global view of the gravity of this problem.

Enter Glicoamine

Glicoamine is a molecule capable of targeting metal INSIDE the hair fiber.

This agent is small enough to penetrate the fiber and neutralize metal particles inside it.

Charlotte Feltin, head of haircare labs at L'Oréal explains the power of Glicoamine:

A chelating agent

Glicoamine is a chelating agent, meaning it is a molecule with a strong affinity to metal even when its distribution is uneven on the fiber. When it gets in contact with metal, it traps it preventing any contact with the oxidant.

A small molecule

Glicoamine is a chelating agent small enough to penetrate inside the fiber and neutralize metal. Usual chelating agents in the market only neutralize metal particles outside the fiber which does not prevent breakage and unreliable color results during color, Balayage or lightening services.

An amino acid

Glicoamine is an amino acid naturally present in animal and vegetal organisms as well a a component of hair fiber.

The best answer for metal

Glicoamine targets all types of metal especially copper, the most dangerous one during color, Balayage and lightening services.

Guaranteed color results

Hair professionals can now guarantee your color, Balayage and lightening.

With Glicoamine to neutralize metal inside the fiber and detoxify hair.

The results of this protocol are impressive:

87% less breakage risk

100% reliable color result

METAL DETOX is 3 steps that take place in salon:

Step 1 : A pre-treatment to neutralize metal before any color, Balayage or lightening service.

Step 2 : An anti-metal cleansing cream to detoxify hair after the service.

Step 3 : Protective treatments to prevent new particles from coming back.

- Care for fine & thinning hair = Brings strength.

- Mask for medium to thick hair = Brings cosmeticity.

- Care + Mask for medium to thick sensitized hair = Brings full strength & cosmeticity.

Available in Europe since May of 2021, it will appear in the United states in the month of July 2021.

I'm happy to inform you that I have successfully completed the training course for the implementation of Metal Detox from L'Oréal Professionnel Paris with a score of 100 and look forward to serve you in this capacity.

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