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You've Found The One. Now What?

You kissed a lot of "amphibians" before you've found "the one", the professional that most closely meets your expectations.

Your rapport with your hairdresser is in many ways similar to that of a marriage, a personal relationship, or your physician. A close and harmonious relationship in which people understand each other's feelings or ideas and communicate well.

Relations are built on mutual respect, communication, a desire to know that person better, and are cultivated and enriched with the passage of time, you put a lot of trust in each other and expect to be corresponded in this exchange.

It is not uncommon to see marriages collapse, doctors need be switched, or personal relationships dropped, yet, you and your hairdresser may build over time a trust, an appreciation, a collaboration that sometimes lasts a lifetime.

I treasure every client I have had the honor to meet and serve, I consider it a privilege to work with each patron, "note I underlined with" ours is a mutual collaboration, it is not you "customer" and me "servant", It's is rather, a common and reciprocal dynamic.

The narrative here is: I want to do for you because you have shown the courtesy of listening, respecting, trusting, and appreciating what I have to offer you, and I in turn dedicate myself even more to help you achieve your goals motivated by the interest you have shown.

Of all the people you know and interact in daily life, you can trust that your hairdresser has your best interest in mind, and if you did find such a person, you should make a genuine effort to continue to cultivate this mutually beneficial symbiosis.

May your encounters be rich and rewarding each time you meet.

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