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Updated: Jan 7, 2020

This is my first sailing into blogging. It's original intent: use this page as a forum for the discovery, exchange of ideas and mutual learning.

Time will tell where this excursion will take us, but for now, thank you for reading, and feel free to tell me what you'd like to see featured, discussed in this space.

THE BEGINNING OF A BEAUTIFUL THING: Leonardo Studio Di Bellezza was created in 1980 with the purpose of helping clients receive the personal service I felt they were not getting, anywhere, at any cost.

I was always surprised, make that rather amazed at the lack of communication and accurate information exchange between both, client and professional.

My premise has always been give the client faithful, correct information so that they may make an intelligent decision prior to the service.

A new customer walks into a salon with a set of expectations, sometimes verbally stated, but in most cases not successfully conveyed. It is my obligation as a professional to get a clear idea of what the potential client has in their mind. Hair coloring or any chemical service performed on your hair should not be taken lightly.

Every client is unique, your needs are unique, your circumstances, lifestyle, expectation, etc. are all unique so it cannot realistically be expected that a service will be delivered within a preset amount of time because invariably something somewhere will change and will derail the whole experience.

In an era in which we are under the illusion that everything will be performed at the touch of a screen, we forget the human factor, and I continue to make it my mission to assure the personal touch is not lost. This is the very reason why I insist on a consultation with a first time client when a chemical service is requested.

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