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First time coloring

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Have you been flirting with the idea of coloring your hair? There has never been a better time to do hair color, the possibilities are exciting and many. It will seem overwhelming to choose and decide what to do.

Start by enlisting the assistance of a qualified professional hair colorist, one who is experienced, I cannot emphasize this enough, the right hair coloring expert will keep you steered clear out of trouble, save you time, money and headache from day one, ensuring you get the most satisfaction out of your new image.

Communicate with your hair color professional through illustrations, I highly encourage you to do this, and don't be embarrassed to bring them into the discussion, (each one of us for the most part tends to gravitate towards images that resemble our own, starting with facial features, bone structure, hair texture, etc. intuitively we connect with certain resemblances that resonate with us and seek to emulate them,) images are a great way to convey effectively with your hair color professional your desires and aspirations as not only are you both looking at the same likeness, but it;s a great tool that helps to get you to understand what is possible to do, what is recommendable and even more important what you should not attempt to do.

Part through practical experience, training, education, and part through instinct, and aesthetic intuition your hair coloring professional will be looking ahead of your own desires showing you the best path to take every step of the way.

Enhance your Color

Do you love your natural color (obviously, it’s what makes you YOU) but would like to give it a boost? Maybe you love your friend’s rich, chocolate-y brown this season, or thought about taking your natural brown hair to a golden brown.

A demi-permanent color lets you change your look without the commitment, as it will fade gradually over time and not need the kind of routine maintenance associated with permanent color. Plus it’ll leave your hair soft and shiny. How can you resist?

First Signs of Grey

Are you starting to see a few grey hairs? a demo-permanent color will cover them and keep your hair looking like its beautiful natural color, even better, with todays new no-ammonia formulas there's none of the drawbacks of colors of generations past.

An Added Bonus

Whatever the nature of color you choose there is a surprisingly added benefit in performance to your styling routine as color softens the hair fiber rendering it more style able than ever. Hair is made of keratin protein from Greek keras,kerat- ‘horn’ this is a very hard sort of protein, treating it with hair color will render the hair fiber more flexible for styling, very much like it occurs with leather, in its natural form, left to dry, leather becomes tough and unyielding. With human hair, hair color softens the hair fiber which makes it more style able.

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