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This Summer Go Nude!

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Nude Hair, New Look: Why the latest hair color trend will endure.

Recent hair color tendencies, inspired by nudes in cosmetics, have produced shades that seem to mimic the chromatic signature of natural hair. What is nude hair color all about? here's a guide to the latest hair color trend.

What's Nude Hair Colors?

Before getting on the nude hair color trend, let's take a moment to learn what the shade looks like. Nude hair color offers a consistent neutral balance that mimics and reflects uncolored hair. Nude gives a harmonious balance between natural and ash tones. This soft hue's popularity can be linked to its easy-to-match shade able to transition between seasons. There are several shades of nude colors, they appeal to a larger portion of the population and that's why you can expect this hair color trend to last. Since the changes to the color base are subtle but highly personal, thee are sustainable and easy on the eye, in contrast to the previous season marked by loud, bright riotous colors meant to turn heads at rubberneck speed.

Nude Hair takes clues from Nude Cosmetics

Nude cosmetics, such as eye shadow, lipsticks and nail polishes, have spread through the beauty world with praise, and you can easily understand why. Nudes are easy to match with your wardrobe and skin tone because of their neutral color value.

This trend extends to clothing too, as fashion and beauty often intersect. Monotone dressing has been seen in Hollywood in recent years, from red carpets to casual brunches. Now, nude color trends have extended into hair color with hair shades often complementing your skin tone and capable of achieving full gray coverage. So, it's not surprising to see one trend jump across fashion and beauty.

Natural Trend vs. Nude Hair Color Trend

You may assume natural hair colors, like a medium natural brown, are considered nude hair colors, actually there's a key difference. Natural tones of hair dyes tend to reveal a bit of warmth. Nude colored hair dyes, however, create a subtle balance between warm and cool revealing a neutral eye-catching look.

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