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Paola Galotti | Editor in Chief of ​Estética Magazine in Torino, Italy Has Called Leonardo  "Among the Best in the World!"


  Welcome to my Studio!  


Leonardo Studio di Bellezza is recommended by clients as among the best local hair salons in the Palm Beach Gardens / North Palm Beach area. There are hairdressers and then there is Leonardo, a hair color specialist / hair designer excelling in all aspects of hair coloring and design, including hair color correction, Balayage highlighting, ammonia free hair coloring, and the very best personalized tailored hair cuts for women and men.


Hello my name is Leonardo, I'm a private hairstylist, L'Oréal trained, certified expert hair colorist with decades of experience, dedicated to personally serve women and men every hair need. I look at your face, bone structure, hair characteristics, listen to your special needs and transform this into a complete individualized look tailored exclusively for you.


As an exclusive L'Oréal Professionnel ammonia-free hair salon, Leonardo attends to your every hair concern applying the most advanced products and services, environmentally friendly, of the highest quality, designed for performance with comfort and safety in mind.


 Contact me now for your personal complimentary no obligation hair color and design consultation to experience for yourself the difference a true dedicated personal hairdresser can make : 561-842-7300



"Your hair should tell the story, not steal the show."


Leonardo Carucci


Unlike salons where the outcome of your service is constrained by the degree of skill of operators, associates, apprentices, assistants, trainees, etc., I personally serve you providing truly professional, expert, personalized service, always taking all the necessary time with each guest, using the very best materials, attending one client at a time in a friendly, relaxed environment conducive to dialogue and clear understanding and fulfillment of your particular hair needs.

Conveniently located 3.5 Miles South-East of The Palm Beach Gardens Mall.

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