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How to Correct Black Box Haircolor Gone Wrong

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Color Correction 101

Let's agree from the start, raven-colored locks are gorgeous-but when you rely on a box of store-bought black hair color the look can go from oh-so-right to When black box hair color goes wrong, see an expert to correct things. Learn more about how to correct black box hair color, Expert hairdresser and L'Oréal Professionnel Trained Hair Coloring Artist Leonardo Carucci explains

Pro is the Way to Go

When you are going black you should always see a pro. "Black hair color is the hardest color to change," There are also colors that will not come out of the hair fiber at all. Your only option is to cut it off, still think that $6.99 box at the grocery store was a bargain?

"With a professional you have the benefit of having the color formulation made exactly to treat your specific problem," Among other things your hairdresser considers: hair type, hair texture, hair density, natural level, previously tinted or lightened hair, and desired end result. "Your hair colorist uses this information to form an equation according to the technology and science behind the products they use. When you grab a box off the shelf, you're making a guess. The odds are not in your favor."

Color Correcting Black Box Hair Color

The process of removing black box hair color begins with multiple test strands to properly identify which product will be the most gentle and effective during the removal process. Next, multiple applications of that de-colorizer will help reduce the pigment from the hair strand. "The removal process may take multiple appointments over three to nine months,".

"Removing black box hair color is probably the most damaging service one can do to their hair,". "But, with a L'Oréal educated colorist you would have access to products that will assist in preserving the integrity of your hair like the correct in-salon and take-home treatments."

From Boxed Black to Brilliant Blonde?

Want to go from a botched black to a beautiful blonde? Not going to happen. "Hair fibers hold on to some amount of the pigment in hair color,". "Some of those molecules will never leave the hair. At best, with many appointments, you may achieve a lighter level but it will still have the base of the black color such as green, gray or blue."

"The only time you should ever try black hair color is if you're ready to stay committed to that color," "Healthy, shiny hair will always be on trend. Think about your decision wisely before reaching for a box of hair color!"`

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